February 4, 2014

Roof Repair – Karen And Mark – Woolloongabba Qld

Karen and Mark approached with a serious issue with their roof. Mould in their ceiling had alerted them to the fact that water was leaking through their roof and causing damage to their gyprock ceiling.  They knew they had a leak, but they were unsure to where their terracotta tile roof was leaking and how much it would cost to fix.

As you can see from this image there was the potential for their ceiling to sag and droop.

After a thorough inspection of the terracotta tile roof, we detected the roof leak location and spoke about the options for repair.  Karen and Mark decided that the best solution was to remove and replace 5 barge caps and repoint some ridge caps.  This certainly weather proofed their roof and saved thousands of dollars on possible further internal home damage.  They were very relieved the costs were low and they didn’t require an entire re-roof.

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