Metal Roof Repairs

Gutter and Roof Repairs is an experienced Brisbane metal roof repairs company.

Many of us have endured Brisbane storm season and as a result suffered hail damage to our roof or have noticed leak marks and mouldy spots on the ceiling. If you think your metal roof has sustained damage it’s wise to contact a professional metal roofing contractor to inspect your roof ASAP.

Prevention is always better than cure

Many of our Brisbane roof repair customers wait until there’s visible damage before contacting us to conduct a roof inspection and in many cases the damage is already done.

If you suspect there could be damage to your roof it’s always wiser to have a professional inspect your roof otherwise if left for too long, you could be looking at roof repairs as well as replacing ceiling sheeting, beams and/or insulation.

If you would like to talk with a roofing expert, call us today on 0421 460 580.

Signs your metal roof may need repair

There’s a few signs that crop up if your metal roof needs repair. This isn’t an exhaustive list but if you see or hear any of the following, it might be worth asking a metal roof repair contractor to conduct a roof inspection on your property:-

  • Damp spots on your ceiling
  • Damp spot on your eaves
  • Sagging spot on your ceiling
  • You’re hearing drips in the middle of the night
  • Hearing drips during a light shower of rain
  • Hearing a flapping or tapping noise when there’s wind

If any of the signs above are happening to your home give us a call on 0421 460 580 to inspect your roof for damage, leaks and rust spots and create a report that outlines the damage or required maintenance.

How long does it take to repair a metal roof?

This will depend on the extent of the damage that has occurred. If for example your metal roof was damaged in a storm or a tree has fallen, this will be a much larger job than simply replacing a few metal roofing sheets due to rust or hail damage, etc.

Most jobs take only 1-2 days average to complete – depending on the work, and we have completed many different roof repair projects for hundreds of happy customers around Brisbane.

If your roof has been damaged and you would like to organise a roof inspection please contact us on 0421 460 580

Do you cart away the debri?

Yes, if you require us to organise removal and haulage of your old roof panels, etc we can have this done.

What happens if it rains when you’re repairing my roof?

We all know that Brisbane gets afternoon storms and fast-moving weather patterns during the summer months. Whilst repairing metal roofs in Brisbane we continually monitor weather patterns and keep up-to-date with projections from the Bureau of Meteorology.

With this in mind if there’s a chance of rain we take appropriate steps to tarp up your roof to ensure it’s fully watertight.

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