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Roof Inspections and Reports

We offer a comprehensive roof leak detection service that includes a comprehensive report and obligation-free quote to identify and repair leaks in your roof. 

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Comprehensive Roof Inspections and Reports

Your roof and gutters work hard to keep sun, storms and dirt out of your home. While most roofing materials last for decades, regular roof inspections are an important part of home maintenance. If it has been a while since you last checked your roof, it’s time to book your roof inspection with Gutter and Roof Repairs.

The team at Gutter and Roof Repairs provides comprehensive roof inspections to residential and commercial customers across Brisbane. Our roof inspections come with photos, videos and an in-depth report you can use to track the condition of your roof.

If you’re having problems with your roofing then don’t delay. Small leaks can quickly turn into major repair bills, and a roof inspection is the best way to catch the problem early on. Contact us today to book your inspection and report!

Roof Leak Detection

If you’re seeing signs of a leaky roof, it’s important to act quickly. Small leaks can turn into serious damage when left unchecked. To make sure that doesn’t happen, Gutter and Roof Repairs offers professional roof leak detection. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to book a roof inspection with our team:

Unpleasant smells or mould spots

Swollen or rotting wood around your home

Water running down walls

Dark spots or stains on your ceiling

Fixing the leak is often the easiest part of our job. Finding leaks is the real challenge. Fortunately, we know what to look for, which means we’re typically able to locate and repair leaks rapidly, preventing further damage to your home.

Body Corporate and Commercial Roof Inspections

Gutter and Roof Repairs doesn’t just work with residential customers, we also provide services to body corporates, real estate agents and commercial businesses. Whether you’re looking after suburban homes, townhouses or an industrial complex, we can provide roof inspections and keep your property in top condition.

We work closely with commercial customers to provide roof reports that help you plan your maintenance schedule. With our regular inspection program, we can keep an eye on problem areas, and provide photos and videos of any issues we find.

The Gutter and Roof Repairs team has the scale and expertise to conduct thorough inspections on buildings of every size. Our roof inspections and no-obligation quotes give you all the information you need to plan ahead and prevent small problems from getting out of hand.

Join Our Annual Roof Inspection Program

It’s easy to neglect roof and gutter maintenance. When it’s up high and out of sight, issues with your roofing tend to go unnoticed, and it can be months or years before problems are addressed. To help keep your property maintenance on track, Gutter and Roof Repairs offers an annual roof inspection and maintenance program.

As part of our program, we’ll visit your property each year to inspect the roof and gutters, document any problems and provide repairs wherever they’re needed. Having an annual inspection helps to avoid costly repairs down the track, and it’s the best way to protect your building from Brisbane’s rain and storms.

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