January 27, 2024

How to Select The Best Tile Roof Colour

It may seem like a daunting task to select the best tile roof colour for your house, whether you are restoring your tile roof or replacing your tile roof.

Tile roof colour choice is a totally subjective decision; chances are you could get two people together and one will love a tile colour and the other will hate it! Even though colour comes down to personal taste and there is no ‘right’ colour, there are some tips that can help you choose the best colour and avoid selecting a roof tile colour that you don’t like – and that you are stuck with for many years to come!

Consider your house colours

It’s important to consider the other colours around your home (or the colours you are choosing if you are painting your house). Consider bringing in one of the colours from your home when choosing your roof colour. For instance, if you have a brick home, you could choose a colour similar to any fleck colours in your brick. Or you could consider a fence or driveway colour, or a colour to match your window frames.

Pay close attention to your house colour themes and try to remain consistent with your roof tile colour choice. It can be useful to drive around and look for roof colours that you like, especially if there is a house that is using a similar colour theme to yours. If you are looking to modernise, new builds and new housing estates could be useful; for more ‘vintage’ or traditional ideas, check out Brisbane suburbs with older, established homes.

Heat Reflective Colours

Light colours are obviously better for heat reflectivity in the hot Brisbane summer, however, unless you intend to use one of the few very light tile colours (e.g. ‘cream’) then don’t be too concerned with the heat reflectivity of the darker colours as they are all quite hot in summer. You can consider other house cooling options such as quality roof insulation, or even consider Dulux Cool Roof Residential products. Although more expensive, these products significantly increase heat reflectivity rates when compared with standard coatings and could be a good long-term investment.

Popular Roof Colours

Ask your roofer for recommendations about the most popular colours used on your type of house and in your area. If many other people are using a colour, chances are that it looks good and will be suitable for your house!

Some of the most popular Acratex Roof Painting colours include Monument, Surf Mist and Manor Red.

View the range of Dulux Acratex Tile Roof Colours.

Colour Charts versus True Colours  

When selecting a roof tile colour, be mindful that there is a difference between how colours appear on a colour chart and how they will look on your roof. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Colour chart colours are usually presented on a white background, which makes the colour appear darker than it actually is.
  • Colours appear lighter on a wide area such as a roof.
  • The angle or pitch of your roof means the roof surface picks up glare, which can make a roof colour appear lighter.

Often people select a roof colour and then realise they wanted it to be darker, so consider choosing a roof colour that is slightly darker than what you think is ideal in the colour chart. This will likely mean that the end result is that you choose a roof colour that you were aiming for.

Another way to approach this is to identify a roof with the colour you believe you want and check to see if it’s the colour that you imagined based on the colour chart. Ask your roofing company to provide you with some recent tile roof projects they’ve completed that used the colours you are considering.

A good place to start is to Go to Bunnings and obtain external paint colour swatches and stick them onto your house for a good idea

Use a Tile Roof Expert   

A tile roof expert such as Gutter and Roof Repairs can help you select the best colour tile roof for your home. We have completed thousands of roofing projects for Brisbane homes and can guide you through the colour selection process and provide a fast and competitive quote for your tile roof restoration or replacement. Contact the Gutter and Roof Repairs team today to find out more.

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