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Metal Roof Replacement

We offer a comprehensive roof leak detection service that includes a comprehensive report and obligation-free quote to identify and repair leaks in your roof. 

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Colorbond Roof Replacement

Sometimes also referred to as metal or tin roofing, Gutter and Roof Repairs can replace your roof with quality Colorbond Steel with a 25 year warranty.  Colorbond steel roofing is tried and tested in Australian conditions to look great and deliver long lasting performance of keeping your home cooler on hot, sunny days.

With 22 colours in the range, you can choose a roof colour that suits your home theme.  Using Colorbond (sometimes spelt ‘Colourbond’ in Australia) roofing means you can easily match colours with your gutter, fascia and downpipes also made from Colorbond steel.

Our roofing specialists can also assess your roof to determine the level of damage and provide expert advice as to the type of damage that has occurred, and whether you require a straight Colorbond roof replacement or a structural repair and roof replacement, we can manage the entire job.

We also offer colour advice for both and tile and Colorbond roofs. View our Colorbond Roof Colour Chart.

Cost of Metal Roof Replacement

This is one of those questions where the answer is a little like “how long is a piece of string?”. The cost of replacing a roof will depend on a wide range of different factors. For example, the things we need to take into consideration are:-

  • Your roof material and its availability (old metal roof materials may not be available therefore can’t be matched)
  • How many square metres of metal roofing needs replacing
  • The damage done to metal sheeting
  • Any structural damage to beams and underlying support structures
  • Extant of rust damage
  • Insulation is also damaged from rain or storm damage

As you can appreciate there are many different factors that go into estimating a cost for a roof replacement so it’s almost impossible for us to give a rough ballpark figure to the question “what does it cost to replace my metal roof?”.

The only way you’re really going to know for certain how much a metal roof replacement is going to cost is to call a metal roofing contractor like us and get us out for an inspection and quote.

How Long Does It Take To Replace a Metal Roof?

Again this will depend on a variety of factors. How large is your home? What damage has occurred to the metal sheeting? Is it during storm season? Is there structural damage?

As you can appreciate a straightforward replacement will always be quicker than a project that incorporates some sort of structural damage. It’s worth noting here that removal of the roof and cleanup of waste etc is always included in our quotes for roof replacement.

Call us today and we can discuss all different aspects of your metal roof replacement, then come out and meet with you, inspect your roof and give you a quotation.

What Happens if It Rains When You’re Replacing My Roof?

Storm season in Brisbane is no doubt our busiest time for emergency roof repair and home roof replacement. When completing a metal roof replacement we constantly monitor weather patterns and keep up to date with projections from the Bureau of Meteorology.

If there’s the possibility of unforeseen rain we take the necessary steps available to tarp up your roof and make it watertight to keep you home high and dry.

We Work On All Types of Roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is an attractive and cost-effective building material. But, it also has a limited lifespan, and regular maintenance is the best way to extend its life. Gutter and Roof Repairs works on all types of tin, corrugated and metal roofing. We provide everything from small repairs to complete replacements, so you can rest assured that your home is ready for storm season.

Tile and Terracotta Roofing

Gutter and Roof Repairs is Brisbane’s concrete, terracotta and tile roofing expert. We offer high quality and competitively priced tile repairs that can protect your home, increase its value and breathe new life into old roofing. We also perform comprehensive roof assessments and can provide advice on whether your tile roof can be repaired, restored or if it needs replacement.

Colorbond® Roofing

Gutter and Roof Repairs works extensively with Colorbond® roofing products. Known for their beauty and longevity, genuine Colorbond® roofs are the best way to keep the sun and storms away from your family. Our Colorbond® roof and guttering comes with a 25 year manufacturer warranty, and it’s guaranteed to deliver long-lasting performance, even in Australia’s toughest conditions.

6-Year Workmanship Guarantee

We provide roof replacement services designed to last a lifetime. If you do encounter an issue with your new roof, our six (6) year workmanship warranty means our team will rectify problems related to unsatisfactory workmanship at no extra cost.

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Our Service Locations

Gutter and Roof Repairs is based in the heart of Brisbane, and our services are available all over South East Queensland.

Brisbane • Ipswich • Redlands • Logan • Caboolture

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