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    If you suspect you have a leak in your gutter, or you hear your gutter rattling when it becomes windy, Gutter and Roof Repairs offers no-obligation, gutter and roof inspections. One of our roofing experts will visit your property, and go up on the roof to see if you have any issues that be rectified before they become a problem.

    We photograph and video problem areas for you to view

    For peace of mind a video or photographs of the problem roof areas will be taken and are included in our free roof inspections so you can see for yourself. Rather than just handing over the inspection report, we will sit with you and explain the state of your roof condition – for no charge.

    Regular gutter inspections can minimise costly repairs down the track.  The solution could be simply replacing loose or cracked tiles, or repairing a section of guttering or sheet of Colorbond, which will extend the lifespan of your gutters and roof and minimise your risk of extensive damage.

    Why It’s So important To Have Clean and Well Maintained Gutters

    • Gutter maintenance is important for many reasons including:
    • Reduce the risk of more extensive damage by fixing small issues
    • Overflowing gutters can flood yards and cause damage to structures and gardens
    • Reduce the risk of termites.

    Read more about the importance of maintaining your gutters.

    Each ​Gutter inspection is priced accordingly, relevant to ​the extent of guttering and height of premise.


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