July 9, 2024

Does my tile roof need painting or roof restoration?

What is Tile Roof Painting

Tile roof painting is the process of applying a protective coating and paint to your roof’s surface. If your roof is worn, faded, or mouldy, it can be a cost-effective way to improve the look of your roof.

Benefits of roof painting include:

  • Improve your roof’s appearance.
  • Protect your roof from the harsh Brisbane elements.
  • Keep your home cooler in summer.
  • Identify small issues and reduce the need for future major maintenance.

Roof painting typically involves:

  • Cleaning the surface of the roof
  • Repairing or replacing any broken tiles
  • Applying a roof primer
  • Painting the roof

The type of Dulux paint used depends on the material your roof is made of, and climate conditions.

What is Tile Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is the process of cleaning, repairing, and re-coating a roof to improve the roof’s condition and extend the life of your roof. If your roof is in relatively good condition, it can be a cost-effective alternative to a roof replacement, improving the look and life of your roof.

There are a number of steps involved in a roof restoration: Number it!

  1. Roof Inspection and Assessment – A roof restoration starts with a professional inspection and assessment of your roof by a qualified roofer.
  2. Roof Repair – Roof damage to be repaired may include repairing cracked and damaged tiles, ridge capping repairs, and repointing.
  3. Pressure Wash – Your roof will then be professionally washed to remove debris, moss, mould, and dirt.
  4. Roof Preparation and Treatment – Your roof’s surface will now be prepared and treated. This may include an algae and lichen treatment to sterilise spores and ensure they don’t regrow.
  5. Roof Primer or Sealer – A protective coating of primer or sealer will then be applied to your roof which helps to seal the roof and protect it from the elements. The type of protective coating depends on the material your roof is made of, and your roof’s specific concerns.
  6. Roof Painting – Finally, multiple coats of paint (roof membrane) will then be applied to your roof, and you can choose from a range of colours, and either a gloss or satin finish.

How do I know if my tile roof needs painting or a restoration

Roof painting is a great option if your roof simply has a few minor cracked or broken tiles and needs a ‘brighten up’ to restore the look and value of your home.

However, if your roof has more extensive damage or wear and tear, it may need a roof restoration to ensure the ongoing quality and structural integrity of your roof.

Some signs that your roof may need a restoration include:

Cracked and missing roof tiles

Although minor tile damage can be repaired and tiles replaced when roof painting, significant cracks or loose tiles can be an indication of more significant damage to your roof’s surface. Your roof may have been weakened by weather exposure, dirt and debris, aging, or even small animals such as possums. Roof damage can make your roof susceptible to water leaks, weakening the structural integrity of your home and causing the growth of mould and rot.

Broken ridge capping, flashing, and valleys

A major cause of roof leaks come from damaged roof flashing, ridge capping and valleys. As part of the roof restoration process, this damage will be repaired to protect your roof and ensure it’s watertight.

Water leaks and damage

Damp spots, water stains, or your ceiling bulging or sagging can all be signs of internal roof leaks. If water enters your home, it can be absorbed into walls, insulation, beams, and wallpaper, impacting your home’s structure.

Roof age

Roof lifespans vary, and can depend on your roofing material, however, most roofs are designed to last between 20 – 40 years. Over time, hail damage, general weather exposure and a build-up of mould, dirt, and debris, can deteriorate your roof, resulting in serious structural damage.

Sagging roof

Sagging roofs can be caused by several issues, from weather damage to structural concerns such as damaged roof trusses. A professional roofer can assess and identify the cause of a sagging roof, and then advise whether it can be repaired as part of a roof restoration process.

Roof Painting versus Roof Restoration

In summary, roof painting is a great option for a roof that is in good repair but could do with a clean-up and brighten! It also has the added benefits of repairing minor issues and improving the look and value of your home.

In contrast, if your roof is showing signs of damage or aging, a roof restoration will repair damage, stop leaks, and prevent future structural issues. It will also transform your roof and add value to your home.

Contact a professional Brisbane roofing company such as Gutter and Roof Repairs for a no-obligation roof inspection and quote, to determine whether your roof requires painting or a more significant roof restoration.

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