October 18, 2023

How to Deal with Storm Damage to your Roof

Storm damaged tile roof with tarpaulin.

Queensland is renowned for its sometimes-violent summer storms, but even if a storm doesn’t produce heavy rain or hail, strong winds can be enough for the need to deal with storm damage to your roof.

How to spot roof damage

  • Inspect your ceilings for leaks or water damage. Water stains appearing on your walls or ceilings is a likely indicator that your roof has been damaged.
  • Look for signs of storm damage from the ground or from a safe, high vantage point (e.g. a neighbour’s deck). Check for missing roof tiles or whether your metal or Colorbond roof has suffered any damage.
  • Assess whether there appears to be gutter or drain damage, or damage to joins where the roof meets the walls.
  • Look for trees or large branches that might have hit your roof. Obviously, you will notice large branches or trees that are lying on your roof. In this instance, it may be important for a licensed builder to check whether structural damage has occurred to your house.
  • If the storm produced hail, a roof check is generally required to identify potential hail damage such as dimples in iron or fractures in tiles.

Temporary Repairs

If your house is unsafe, temporarily evacuate and immediately call a roofing contractor to help with temporary repairs. In emergency situations, you can also call the State Emergency Service (SES) QLD to help you weatherproof your roof and ensure it is safe.

Stay Safe

Avoid going on to your roof to check for damage yourself. Leave this to a professional roof contractor.

What To Tell Your Roofer

There are a number of things you can provide to your roofer when you first contact them about roof damage:

What type of roof do you have?

Is your roof metal (Colorbond), tile or concrete terracotta, or asbestos (sometimes referred to as ‘Super 6’).

What damaged your roof?

Was it heavy rain, tree branches, hail, wind, or possibly some other heavy object?

Is Your Roof Safe?

Do you need the roofer to make temporary repairs, or is the roof safe and weatherproof? If the roof is weatherproof, your roofer can instead provide you with a quote for the work required.

Do you have spare tiles?

If you have a tile or terracotta roof, do you have spare tiles available that the roofer can use for repairs?

Have you contacted your insurer?

It’s wise to contact your insurer asap if you have roof damage, so your roofer is aware that your roof repair will be insurance work.

Gutter and Roof Repairs offers quality storm damage roof repairs in Brisbane and Ipswich, and can also provide you with a comprehensive quote to repair or replace your roof. If your roof has been damaged in a storm or rain event, contact Gutter and Roof Repairs for an expert roof inspection and quote.

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