Why it’s important to have clean gutters

Why it’s important to have clean gutters

The great thing about living in Brisbane is there’s a great variety of greenery in our suburbs. This allows for natural shade on those blistering hot summer days, it gives our river banks and parks soil stability to avoid erosion and it’s home to many different varieties of native animals.

Whilst it’s wonderful living in a leafy suburb for the shade, animals and beauty the trees in our yards, parks and footpaths provide, there’s one aspect of trees that many homeowners wish they didn’t have to deal with and that’s leaves. There are many varieties of native trees in homes throughout Brisbane that don’t drop a single leaf during winter (deciduous trees) but there are also many different types that drop leaves, seeds, flowers and other leaf matter that turns into detritus in our roofs and gutters.

Cleaning gutters is one of those jobs that you either can do yourself or you can’t. It’s difficult to be in-between on a job like this. Many of our customers who require our gutter cleaning services are elderly and don’t feel comfortable getting up on their roofs. Others don’t have the appropriate equipment and require our gutter cleaning services. Then there’s the customers who just flat out hate doing it and would prefer to pay a gutter cleaning service to get the job done.

Whatever way you choose to ensure your gutters are clean here’s a range of reasons to make sure it gets done.

Reduce the chance of expensive damage

By making sure your gutters are clean you’re reducing your chance of having expensive water damage occurring to your home. When there’s a buildup of leaves, sticks, dirt and other matter (and the odd tennis or handball) in your gutters they can in fact get blocked and clogged to the point of flooding over in heavy rainfall. If this happens the water needs to escape somewhere. Often this is over the top of your gutters and into your yard, but it can also back-up and make its way back into your roof and ceiling, running down internal walls, leaking onto drywall and causing mildew, mould, rot and possible major damage in your roof.

Avoid critters making their home in your home

You might enjoy the sounds of pigeons, mynas or starlings in your backyard, but you don’t want them nesting in your gutters or roof. Not only will this clog up your downpipes with all sorts of bird related matter (poop) but it’s not great for their offspring if a big storm hits and they’re not big enough to fend for themselves.

If your gutters aren’t clean and are a haven for sticks, twigs and branches, there’s a very good chance word will get around in the bird community and you’ll have all sorts of feathered friends coming to your home for nest building material. Chances are they’re going to be looking for a good place to nest and that may be in your roof.

Having a buildup of debris in your gutters also means that water pools – this is the perfect spot for mosquitoes to breed along with a range of other insects, larvae and nasties. If you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a swamp it’s ideal to ensure your gutters are clean.

Your yard won’t get destroyed

Anyone who’s seen footage of the Boxing Day Tsunami has a pretty good idea of the destructive power of water. Whilst your home hopefully won’t ever be expected to take on the full frontal water assault of a tsunami, water flooding out of your gutters can cause real damage and flooding to your yard and landscaping if it’s not dealt with.

Chances are you will only notice this happening right in the middle of a downpour, and if it’s rain that lasts for days, you might find half your yard, plants, landscaping and even structural elements of fences, patios, etc have been washed away before you have a chance to do anything about it. By making sure your gutters are cleaned you ensure water drains safely away down stormwater drains, not your backyard.

That’s heavy man

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound like an aging hippy, but if there are lots of materials clogging your drains and gutters as well as pooled water, there’s a good chance this will do long term damage to your brackets and other metal elements holding up your gutters. Given enough time and weight, you may just hear a loud crash in the middle of the night indicating your gutters are making their way off your roof in a less than enviable way. By making sure your gutters are cleaned regularly, you don’t have pooling water rusting brackets and rivets and you can be sure your gutters will be in fine working condition for many years.

You won’t kill your gardens

If you’ve got garden beds close to your home or directly under your gutters, clogged gutters means those garden beds are getting an excess of water. Depending on where you live, this can be just as bad as not watering your plants. Anyone with a green thumb knows that plants can drown and if your gutters are constantly overflowing with water because they’re blocked or clogged, this is exactly what will happen.

Termites love moisture

If you have a wooden framed house or a home that’s built predominately with wooden products, you will want to make doubly sure you’re not providing termites with the perfect home. Termites thrive in damp, warm areas and if your gutters are overflowing causing your internal beams or roof to be waterlogged or damp, this is like a five star resort for termites and they will quickly make themselves at home in your home. That never ends well.

As you can see there are some very good reasons to make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly to make sure water can flow properly and to the right place in on the outside of your home and down stormwater pipes. It doesn’t matter if you clean them yourself or get a professional gutter cleaning service like ours to make sure your gutters are clear, the important thing is you make sure it’s done so you can protect your home and make sure you don’t find yourself in any of the above situations.

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