June 21, 2014

Why Do I Have Moss And Mould On My Terracotta Roof? – Mark – Norman Park

Mark from Norman Park contacted us asking ….

Does Moss and Mould on My Terracotta Roof Damage My Roof?”

Terracotta roof tiles are created from clay and are considered a moist material.  Moss, lichen and mould can build up on your roof and degrade your tiles and also restrict the water flow off your roof.  The older the tiles are, the more brittle or “fretted” they become.  If tiles become too brittle they can break even from basic cleaning activities.

A quality anti-fungal coating solution should be applied before any cleaning process is undertaking.  This will remove the unwanted moss, lichen and mould that has embedded into your tiles.  You can use a product called 30 seconds Roof Treatment to kill the moss and lichen prior to the roof being cleaned. Once the anti-fungal treatment is applied, the roof tile surface should be high pressure cleaned using around 3000 psi of straight water pressure. A turbo type nozzle should be used when using such high powered water
pressure. But beware, your tiles will become porous after you have used this product, so a roof restoration and terracotta roof glaze is often the recommendation for these types of issues after the terracotta roof has been cleaned.

Older terracotta roof tiles will become brittle over time and if so should not be cleaned as the tiles may break underfoot and water can enter the roof cavity. It is important to have your roof checked by a professional roofing contractor prior to attempting to clean.They will identify any broken roof tiles and will save you a lot of money in the long run, and also save you on having to call someone in to fix water leaking into your ceiling during the next storm period.

Anyone promoting re-glazing or sealing or painting roofing tiles that are brittle or “fretted” should be avoided.  Brittle or Fretted roof tiles should be replaced, if these are not addressed early on, you will need to pay more money later on.  Brittle tiles are an early sign other tiles are becoming aged, early detection can save you thousands.

If you would like an expert opinion from a professional roofing contracting team, simply call me on 0421 460 580, and I will visit your property, provide a video or photograph of your roof and find the best solution for you and your roof.

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