June 25, 2021

6 Benefits Of Annual Commercial Roof Inspections And Reports

Many businesses fail to carry out regular roof inspections, especially if there is no obvious issue like a roof leak or damage. Unfortunately, if you wait for obvious or visible signs of roof and gutter damage, it often means that the extent of damage and cost of repairs exponentially increase.

We take a look at some of the top benefits of annual commercial roof inspections and maintenance reports, including:

1. Reduce Repair Costs

Identifying roof damage at the very early stages means you can proactively implement preventative measures and repairs, rather than waiting until the issues become significant and costly. For instance, removing leaf and tree debris out of gutters or roof areas, replacing rusted roof screws and fixing, whirly birds, or repairing a tiny leak, costs very little and keeps your roof intact and working effectively.

2. Reduce Leak Frequency and Severity

Early roof leak detection is important for maintaining a sound commercial roof, as leaks travel laterally before visible water stain signs appear on internal surfaces and structures. This also reduces the risk of water damage to internal structures, and keeps your business (or tenant) equipment, stock and other costly items safe from water and mould damage.

3. Extend Roof Longevity

Annual roof inspections and regular maintenance can extend a roof’s lifespan. A roof suffers all kinds of weather, especially through the Brisbane summer, and no matter the quality or type of roof (Colorbond, Zincalume, Klip-lok, fibreglass sheeting), materials degrade over time and need help to prevent failure and major damage. By extending your roof’s life through proactive inspections and repairs, you are much less likely to have to accommodate a huge roof replacement bill.

Identifying roof damage early can save you money on repairs and insurance claims.

4. Manage Your Budget

As we’ve already mentioned, replacing a commercial roof is a significant expense for any business, and most organisations do not factor in roof replacement in their annual budgets.  That’s why having a roof inspection and carrying out any preventative roof repairs early will make sure your annual budget doesn’t blow out.

In contrast, the relatively small cost of roof inspections and minor commercial roof repairs can be help you avoid or delay the hefty cost of a roof replacement and can also be factored into your annual budget.

5. Employee Safety

Regular roof inspections can identify risks such as wear and tear, loose roofing materials, and potential leaks. These problems can quickly escalate from a roof maintenance issue into an employee safety issue. A structurally damaged roof can result in falling debris in high winds or storms, and leaks can cause slipping hazards, mildew and mould. Regular roof inspection and maintenance can help protect the safety and well-being of your employees.

6. Insurance

Building insurance requires that you take reasonable steps to maintain your roof. If your roof is damaged and your insurance roof adjuster can demonstrate that you ignored best practices such as annual inspections and prompt roof repairs, it may lower your insurance payout. You may even be denied insurance payouts if the loss adjuster can demonstrate that your lack of maintenance contributed to the roof failure.

Even if your insurance does cover the cost of roof damage, your business may not be able to operate with significant roof damage, resulting in costly downtime

In Conclusion

Conducting regular commercial roof inspections and maintenance will pay dividends, and the commercial and operational benefits are just good business sense. Gutter and Roof Repairs provide commercial roof inspections, thorough reports, and an annual commercial roof maintenance program. Contact us today to book your commercial roof inspection and report.

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