If you live on the southside of Brisbane there’s lots of things to like. Zip down the highway to the Goldy for a quick weekend away or an ocean swim and a night out, or head into the city that’s just down the road. The options living on the southside are plenty but the fact there’s many older suburbs on the southside of Brisbane means there are homes that have older roofs that often need repair or replacement.

There are lots of brick homes with tiled roofs on the southside of Brisbane but it’s also got its fair share of Queenslanders with corrugated iron roofs or colorbond roofing. Both are great options for Brisbane roofing but each has its own issues and problems when it comes to leaks, cracks or water prevention.

We’ve completed many southside roof restorations in Brisbane and if you’re interested in speaking with someone that’s reliable, honest, loves his work and does awesome work at decent prices call Jason form Gutter & Roof Repairs today on 0421 460 580.

Roof Repairs
Often our customers aren’t aware there’s anything potentially wrong with their roof until there’s a problem like a water stain, leak or puddle in the middle of a room. When we conduct repairs we conduct a full inspection of the roof and repair any items that need it from inspection and repair of capping, bedding, pointing and valleys through to replacing tiles where needed.

Gutter Repairs
Gutter damage is common in Brisbane. As we don’t have seasons with trees that drop leaves like our southern cousins or people in America and Europe etc, we tend not to inspect our roof or gutters as often. This doesn’t mean there’s not buildup of dirt, leaves, sticks (and the kids’ tennis balls, etc) that can block gutters causing water to pool and create issues with mould and rust.

Our gutter inspection and repair service will ensure your gutters are in tip-top shape ready for storm season so you don’t get any nasty surprises in the next deluge of rain.

For more information about our southside roof and gutter repair service please call us on 0421 460 580.

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