Clean gutters – Happy roof

Why should I have my gutters cleaned by a professional?

Like any job around the home, many people enjoy doing their own handy work. But for others that either don’t have the time, can’t physically get onto the roof because of injury or disability, or aren’t quite sure how it should be done, it’s best to call in the professionals.

When we provide gutter cleaning and repair services to our Brisbane based customers we ensure that we are

  • Safe (using appropriate safety equipment)
  • Reliable (turning up on time)
  • Check for potential damage
  • Ensure all downpipes and gutters are clean

How long does it take to clean gutters on a typical house?

On average a typical one story house will take around an hour or two to clean the gutters thoroughly, this will depend on the condition of the gutters, how dirty they are and how long buildup, mould and dirt has been left.

A two story gutter cleaning service can take a little longer depending on many factors like how many  lineal metres of gutters need to be cleaned, condition of gutters and downpipes etc. Unless you have a really really bad case of ‘gutter garbage’ we can typically provide a gutter cleaning service within a couple of hours of us arriving on site.

Why is having clean gutters important

Although it is not always noticeable to the eye, regular gutter cleaning is a necessary part of keeping your home in good order. Regular cleaning of your gutters prolongs their life and minimises the chance of internal water damage due to blocked downpipes. If your home is in an area where there is bushland or potential fire hazards, ensuring your home has clean gutters is a great way to make sure there’s no fuel for a potential fire to easily latch onto when it passes your house.

How much does it cost to get gutters cleaned in Brisbane?

Like anything this will depend on many things (How much guttering there is to clean, how dirty the gutters are, the condition of the gutters etc) the best thing to do is fill out the form to your right for a free inspection and we will come to your home, inspect your gutters for free and give you a quote for the price of cleaning them.

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