Roof Replacement and Repair in the Brisbane area

If you’ve suffered through a storm, have hail damage to your roof or noticed leak marks or mouldy spots on your ceiling, it would be a wise idea to contact Gutter and Roof Repairs to inspect your roof today.

Many of our customers sometimes wait until there’s visible damage before contacting a Brisbane roofing company to inspect their roof, in many cases the damage is already done and  you’re looking at roof repair as well as replacing ceiling sheeting or beams and insulation.

Call us before damage gets this bad.
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How do I know if my roof needs replacing or just repair?

If you start seeing damp spots, or are hearing drips in the middle of the night when you have a light shower of rain it would be worthwhile getting Gutter and Roof Repairs to inspect your roof for damage, leaks and rust spots. If you live in Brisbane and are looking for a metal roof repair company make sure you call us on 0421 460 580 and we will:-

● Inspect your roof

● Give you a report of any damage or required maintenance

● Give you a quote for these works

How long does it take to repair a metal roof?

This will depend on the extent of the damage that has occurred. If for example your metal roof was damaged in a storm or a tree has fallen on your metal roof then this will be a much larger job than simply replacing a few metal roofing sheets due to rust or hail damage etc. Most jobs we have completed for happy customers in the past take only 1-2 days but the best way to find out is tocontact us on 0421 460 580 and get us out for an inspection.

How long does it take to fully replace a roof?

Again this will depend on how large your home is, the type of damage that has occurred (for example a straight replacement will be quicker than a replacement that also incorporates structural damage). Another point to  remember is if you require us to do the tear down and cart the old roof away.

We will discuss all aspects of your metal roof replacement when we meet with you. Call us today on 0421 460 580 to discuss your requirements.

Do you cart away the debri?

Yes, if you require us to organise removal and haulage of your old roof we can have this done.

What happens if it rains when you’re repairing or replacing my roof?

We all know that Brisbane often gets afternoon storms and fast moving weather patterns. Whilst replacing metal roofs in the Brisbane area we continually monitor weather patterns and keep up to date with weather projections from the Bureau of Meteorology. With this in mind we take appropriate steps to tarp up your roof to ensure it’s fully watertight if we need to leave any part of your roof exposed overnight and there’s a chance of rain.

Can hail damage my metal roof?

Yes, hail can damage a metal roof. Hail damage is not always easy to see. Most hail damage tends to be aesthetic (minor dents or bits of paint being removed) which isn’t always a problem and shouldn’t cause any issue with your roof. The problems that can arise from this type of roof hail damage is when there isn’t enough fall on a flat or slightly sloped roof, this causes water to pool in these dents which will eventually cause rust spots and can actually rust through your roof.

This type of damage isn’t always visibly apparent and usually only shows up when it’s too late (you notice a damp spot in your ceiling from a drip in the roof) so it’s best to have a company like ours inspect your roof if you suspect there could be hail damage to your metal roof.

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