Roof Leak Prevention

It’s always wise to prevent leaks in your roof from getting bigger by having Gutter & Roof Repair provide you with a leak detection report and then conduct a roof leak detection service if required.

This service is particularly handy if you’ve just moved into a new home and want to ensure your roof doesn’t leak or if you’re selling and want to provide as much evidence about the tip-top shape of your home to prospective buyers.

Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure

It’s a saying that’s as old as the hills but there’s something to be said about a saying that sticks around for decades or even hundreds of years – they certainly have a truth to them. When it comes to preventing issues with your roof it’s always better to ‘nip it in the bud’ than to go through costly repairs later because you didn’t fix an issue.

Signs you may have a leak in your roof

Here are some things to look out for around your home. If you see any of these, there’s a good chance you have a leak in your roof:-

  • Dark spots or stains on your ceiling outside of wet areas like bathrooms, showers, etc
  • Swollen wood or rotting wood anywhere around your home
  • Water running down walls (Major electrical danger – please call us immediately)
  • Water collecting in corners or making its way into your home (Major electrical danger – please call us immediately)
  • Bad smell, unpleasant odour or a dank, musty smell in your home (you will notice it more after you come home from being outside)
  • Electrical shorts, brownouts, blackouts, blown fuses, etc

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Don’t wait until the damage is done – call us today!
We’ve seen many roofs where what could have been a simple repair a few weeks ago, is now a major repair. Don’t let water pool in your roof or ceiling as this puts strain on your roof structure and can cause massive damage to your home.

Call us before damage gets this bad.
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