Free Roof Inspections Fairfield

When it comes to things in our home that don’t get thought about very often, the roof has to certainly be in the top ten items in your home (or should we say on your home) that are given very little thought when it comes to home maintenance. We often think about when the lawnmower should be serviced, when the car needs new tyres or if the garden needs weeding, but perhaps it’s worth considering giving your roof the same concern as the other household maintenance items?

Considering your roof is something that’s included in necessary items for survival (shelter) and seeing as we even have the saying ‘a roof over our heads’ it’s surprising we don’t give it the same attention and priority as other things around our home.

Getting a free roof inspection from Gutter & Roof Repairs – a local roof repair company near you, will give you the peace of mind to know that either your roof is in tip-top condition and doesn’t require any work, or there are a few issues that can be outlined in the report and you can get a quote on fixing them. Occasionally we report on a client’s roof and they have major structural or roof issues they had no idea about that, if left unchecked, could have turned into a very expensive repair or replacement job.

What price is a roof inspection?

If you’re wondering what the cost is for a roof inspection with Gutter and Roof Repairs, the answer is, nothing, free, nada, zero. We are happy to come out and inspect your roof for free, even take photos and video if we find any potential issues and give you the options when it comes to repairs, cost and timeframes.

If you would like to book your free roof inspection, please call today on 0421 460 580.

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