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    Gutter and Roof Repairs offers professional and cost effective gutter repairs.

    Our Brisbane guttering services include gutter replacements, gutter repairs, and gutter cleaning and maintenance. We also provide free gutter inspections and quotes.

    Gutter and Roof Repairs prompt and reliable guttering services, and great workmanship sets us apart from other roofing specialist and contractors.


    Gutters are crucial for directing rain and water away from your home and your roof. If you neglect your gutters, it can result in damage to your roofing, house structure, and property. Well maintained gutters are important to reduce the risk of damage in Brisbane’s storm season.


    Our professional roofers will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and gutters, identify any damage and conduct repairs if necessary.

    A professional will examine areas including:

    • Flashings
      Flashing is roofing material (usually aluminium or galvanized steel) — that’s used over joints in metal and Colorbond roofs and wall construction to prevent water seeping in and causing damage.
    • Roof Battens
      Insect timber battens for roof leak damage.
    • Membrane
      roofing membrane is a seal that is wrapped around a roof for water/weatherproofing purposes.
    • Repointing
      Inspecting roof tiles for any mortar damage, a primary point of leaks in terracotta tile roofs.
    • Whirly Birds, Roof Vents, Aerials, SkylightsEquipment mounted / secured on the roof – to ensure the seals around whirly birds, skylights etc., are undamaged and watertight.
    • Gutters and Downpipes
      To ensure all gutters, drains, and downpipes are correctly properly attached and flowing to the proper location.

    Gutter and Roof Repairs offers expert roof and gutter inspections, recommendations as to whether your gutter needs repairs, restoration or replacement, and free quotes for the cost of this work.

    Contact Us today to book your gutter inspection and quote.

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