Asbestos Roof Removals in Moorooka – Brisbane Southside

Cut through the middle by Beaudesert Road, Moorooka is a suburb that has so much going for it. So close to the river with lots of parks and green areas and only 15 minutes from the city, it’s one of the larger suburbs in Brisbane with a little over 10,000 people living in it.

Given it’s an older suburb we tend to see quite a few homes with asbestos roofs in this area. It’s sometimes a suburb where people drive through or simply go to see the cars in the ‘magic mile’ but if you’re lucky enough to live here, you know it’s got a little bit of everything.

Given Moorooka has a range of ages of houses form pre-war, corrugated roof styles, Queenslanders with colourbond or newer brick homes with tiled roofs, we find ourselves offering a range of services, but the older style pre-war homes is where we tend to find asbestos tiles and sheeting. If your house was built between 1940 and the 1980s it’s likely there’s some form of asbestos roofing.

Important note: Only licensed contractors like Gutter and Roof Repairs should remove, break or disturb materials that may potentially have hazardous asbestos in them. We have the appropriate safety gear and equipment to ensure no dust or particles will make their way into the air your family or neighbours will potentially breathe.

If you think you might have asbestos in your roof, don’t risk your health! Call Gutter and Roof Repairs for expert asbestos roof replacement.

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